Abscond is to keep away from detection or arrest and keep away from being served with felony papers.

Abstract of Judgment

Abstract of Judgments are written summaries nangs delivery of a courtroom judgment which states how a good deal cash the losing defendant owes to the person that won the lawsuit.

Abuse of Process

Abuse of Process is bringing and following via with a civil or criminal motion by unlawful or malicious approach, or filing a fake statement of carrier.


Accept is to receive payment which is overdue or no longer whole or the “provider” (delivery) of prison papers.

Acceptance of Service

Acceptance of Service can be completed with the aid of a process server or by an legal professional, but should be in writing. Typically, a Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service form is required.

Actual Eviction

Actual Eviction is when a tenant is wrongfully eliminated from their premises and a landlord wrongfully deprives them of access to their possessions.

Affidavit of Service

Affidavits of Service are written files in which the signer swears beneath oath earlier than a notary public or a person legal to take oaths that the statements in the file are proper.

Agent for Acceptance of Service

Agents for Acceptance of Service are individuals who receive a grievance or other petition without having the sheriff or manner server gift. A Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service is commonly required.

Application and Order for Appearance and Examination

Applications and Orders for Appearance and Examination are orders requiring a debtor to appear in court docket to grant facts about their assets.

Asset Searches

Assets are items or assets with financial fee and are proven in stability sheets, inventories, and probate estates and in divorces. Types of belongings encompass bills receivable, fixed property, fundamental device, structures and intangibles.


Background Investigation

Background investigations and background checks are accomplished to find applicable statistics about people or groups that result in a success service of method.

Bank Levy

Bank levies are courtroom orders permitting creditors to take money from an people financial institution account to satisfy a debt.

Bench Warrant

Bench warrants are orders issued with the aid of a choose for the arrest of an man or woman.


Civil Process Server

Civil Process Servers are used to file Civil Lawsuits or Divorces in a court docket of regulation on behalf of regulation companies, lawyers and businesses and notify defendants when a case has been filed against them. Civil Process Servers also serve Subpoenas, Summons, Complaints and different criminal and touchy files.


Complaints are the first files filed with the County Clerk by way of a person or entity claiming felony rights towards an person, or company. The party submitting the complaint is the plaintiff and the party they’re submitting the claim towards is called the defendant(s).


Constructive is treating a situation as though it have been legally real, even without evidence.

Constructive Eviction

Constructive Eviction is while a landlord forgoes felony eviction and takes steps on their personal to maintain a tenant from getting into or dwelling of their unit. Some methods include changing locks, turning off the water, blockading the driveway and even nailing doors and windows shut.

Constructive Notice

Constructive Notices are while individuals acquire a false be aware even though it became individually introduced to them.

Contempt of Court

Defying a courtroom authority or dignity can place you in Contempt of Court. If you curse at a choose, or workout violence in opposition to an officer of the court, or do now not adhere to a Court Order, you may be in Contempt of Court and be charged with a exceptional, or a quick live (overnight) in jail.

Court Filing

Court filing is the act of submitting files to the clerk or courtroom for the court docket’s immediate consideration.

Court Order

A Court order is a selection made by means of a decide, courtroom referee, commissioner or Justice of the Peace that demands or directs some thing, or someone to do.

Court Costs

Court fees are all the fees associated with filing paperwork and bringing a case to court.

Court Services

There are several Courts within the United States, Family Court, Criminal Court, Appellate Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, and many others. Each Court is governed via kingdom and neighborhood laws and hears cases respectively.

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